About Ragnar Rocks

The Legend of Ragnar's Rocks.

As a young boy I was obsessed with all things mother nature had to offer, animals, plants, and most importantly rocks. I looked for rocks at the park, on the street, on my way to school. Often taking Rocks with me to class, stashing them in my orange Crayola crayon box. No one really understood why I was obsessed with rocks and some people thought I had a disability.

However, that never stopped my passionate belief that Crystals are living entities just as the animals, plants, and you and I are. In my childhood room you would find more rocks and sticks than toys. I visited my first crystal cave at five years old and was in awe of the raw energy and beauty that engulfed my being. I acquired several rocks that day, all still in my possession Tigers Eye, Fools Gold, and a Rose Quartz egg.

At 14 years old, I learned that my grandfather was a mason by trade and has been working with stone for over 60+ years. I immediately began working with him as a mason, learning all the generational Mason knowledge. Shortly after my experience as a mason I began the long journey of learning everything there is to know about rocks, crystals, energy and all the metaphysical teachings that go with it. Using crystals as tools for healing and metaphysical technology has brought many people into my path and being of service to others in my community has been the single most important thing that I have done in my life thus far.

As of 2020 the Crystal industry has surpassed the $76 billion a year diamond industry and has continued to grow every year since. We all know of the horrific conditions and trading practices involving mining diamonds. The Crystal industry is not exempt, unfortunately there are no standard regulations in place making these circumstances even more shocking.

Being involved in the crystal industry has shown me that not everybody in this world treats rocks, crystals and metaphysics with the same respect and dignity. Most people are in it for the money or to inflate their ego within the spiritual community. It was then I decided I was going to travel to all the different mining sources I can get to, as I wanted to make sure that the crystals, I was using were pure, ethical, and real.

I found that many facilities produce lab made crystals or molds that look like real crystals which makes it hard for the consumer to know what they are getting. Even more devastating is many of these mines and manufacturing facilities use slave labor and this is how you are able to find extremely cheap products online. As many say, “you get what you pay for.”

During my adventures in finding true and ethical sources my friends started to call me Ragnar, after the great Ragnar Lodbrok of the Viking sagas. Ragnar was responsible for giving the ability of the Vikings to travel long distances and navigate the oceans, bringing them all the success they are known for today. He accomplished this by going on a spiritual journey and finding a crystal that when held up to the sky shows you where the sun is no matter how cloudy or stormy the day. This was extremely important because the Vikings use the sun for navigation and without this tool they could not travel. This is how I came up with the name Ragnar’s Rocks for it was my duty to bring these rocks and crystals into people’s lives to help them navigate whatever journey they find themselves on.

“In Ragnar We Trust”

Mission Statement

The main goal of my organization is to provide people with a trusted and knowledgeable source to purchase crystals and metaphysical supplies. It is very niche for companies to say they are ethical when in fact there is no real way of knowing what people do behind closed doors. Many of my customers say, “In Ragnar We Trust.” and I hope that one day you can also say “IN RAGNAR WE TRUST.”

Thank You for taking the time to read, I wish you Infinite Love and Gratitude on your journey here. May we move mountains together one rock at a time.

-Ragnar Moon