Ethical Crystal Shop Scam? How do i know if my crystals are ethically sourced?

Ethical Crystal Shop Scam? How do i know if my crystals are ethically sourced?
Ethical Crystals ?
Do you know where your crystals come from ?


As of 2020 the crystal industry has surpassed the 79-billion-dollar Diamond industry and has continued to grow every year since.


We all know of the horrific conditions and trading practices involved in mining diamonds. The Crystal industry is not exempt. unfortunately, there are no standard regulations in place making these circumstances even more shocking.


Over the years of searching for the right sources I have come across many heartbreaking situations. Many of which evolve around slave labor, sometimes at the hands of children. When shopping whether wholesale or retail we all always look for the cheapest possible price it’s just in our nature everybody wants to save a dollar. What we don’t think about is how the person in question is able to save us that dollar and still make money for themselves.


On the topic of crystals this is almost always done by having slave labor practices. Besides the energetics transfer that these crystals will carry from purchasing it from such a source you are supporting the continuation and growth of someone who facilitates such atrocities.


Many people have caught on to this and have begun shifting their search from the cheapest possible source to the most ethical source. In response to this many sellers have caught on and changed their business profile to claim that they are ethical. The problem with this is that no one can prove the source is truly ethical, and the sellers are capitalizing on that. The only way to truly know is to hop on a plane and visit these mines and manufacturing facilities which is not possible or rational for the average person.


This raises the question where do I find ethical crystals? or how do I know my source is ethical? Unfortunately, the only guidance I have to offer is that you find somebody local, a real person that you can trust. Remember when buying from a store it’s not the prices, it’s not the design of the website, the flare of their marketing or anything like that. It’s about the person behind the company. Is this person of good moral judgment? can I trust this person? If you don’t know who that person is or the answer to any of those questions, then don’t shop there.


At Ragnar’s Rocks we are very personable, and I personally stand behind every product I sell. I have an open book policy here and at your request I can issue you a legal affidavit of ethical practices law signed by me the owner. I strive to do my best so that one day everyone can say


In Ragnar we trust.

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