The Metaphysical use of Tobacco. Is Tobacco Spiritual?

The Metaphysical use of Tobacco. Is Tobacco Spiritual?

The Metaphysical use of Tobacco


The first thing that pops into your head when you hear tobacco is probably cigarettes. When in fact cigarettes are barely tobacco at all. A single cigarette contains 600 ingredients and only one small portion of that is tobacco. A processed pesticide ridden and GMO version nonetheless.


Tobacco is the Mother of plant medicine, part of the nightshade family and in its raw form is highly hallucinogenic.  It contains harmala alkaloids, which are strongest when they are untampered with. Sometimes referred to as Mapacho the Native Americans and South American tribes use raw tobacco in shamanistic rituals.


The Native Americans referred to tobacco as “the ancient one” it is believed that tobacco was the first plant. The Ancient one teaches you discipline and respect for the creator and all that is created. When smoking tobacco, we are doing magik, not to be confused with magic with a “c” which is trickery or illusion.


Tobacco comes from the “EARTH” it holds moisture and when rolled we use our saliva which is “WATER.” When we light it, we use “FIRE” and then to inhale the smoke we use our breath “AIR” completing the circle and using all 4 elements.


In Viking culture Tobacco is associated with the “All Father” ODIN. In fact, it is largely believed that they were the first to make pipes to smoke tobacco and traded them for goods and services. Referred to as the peace pipe, Vikings would smoke before making treaties to ensure peaceful thoughts and lasting bonds.




It’s important to note that commercially bought tobacco cannot be used for any spiritual practices, it is considered somewhat disrespectful and as we outlined in the beginning of this article, commercial tobacco is not actual tobacco.


Tobacco is great for removing stubborn energy and spirit from one’s space, home, or person. It is much stronger then sage but is often used in conjunction together to clear a home or person. You can also offer tobacco to the earth, spirit, a deceased loved one and or Specific deity.




Since purchasing commercial tobacco is off the table, that only leaves you with two options finding an ethical source of real natural tobacco. If you cannot find this locally where you live you can also import from Peru or Cuba. Alternatively you can try growing your own. It is very simple to grow Tobacco, begin by Planting seeds in an area with a lot of sun and be sure to use well-drained soil. It takes around 14 days to germinate a tobacco seed and 180 days in total to harvest completely.


When you are ready to harvest your leaves it's important to act with respect and communicate with the plant. It will tell you which leaves are ready to be cut. The final step is to string up your cuttings to dry, when drying do not let the leaves touch as this will result in improper drying. It takes about two weeks for the leaves to completely dry out, however the best practice is to age them for at least one year.


While this practice is simple in steps it is lengthy in process, however it is very rewarding and it will teach you a wealth of knowledge that very few still practice today. I hope I inspired you to grow your own tobacco and strengthen your connection to “The Ancient One”.


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