The Crow Spirit Animal

The Crow Spirit Animal

The Crow Spirit Animal


What does the crow symbolize?

The crow symbolizes magik, transformation, teamwork, perspective, fearlessness, and mischievous. Working with the crow can help you see things from a different perspective and help you solve problems. Crows have the biggest brain to body ratio among all bird species evolved with a highly developed for brain where intelligence is regulated, the anatomy of the crow brain is similar to humans.


A crow is said to fly between the worlds of life and death. An appearance in your dreams is said to signify your thoughts on life, death, and transformation. Every native American tribe has their own beliefs , but crow are generally seen as powerful beings and worthy of respect.


In ancient Greece the crow was sacred to the god apollo. Crows appear in the bible frequently. In the story of the great flood after 40 days Noah sends a crow to find dry land. For the celts they were associated with the god lugh, who was a warrior deity, craftsmen, and protector. The celts also associated crows with the goddess Morrigan who was believed to shape shift into a crow. As the goddess of war she would fly over battlefields while screeching to encourage her warriors and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.


The Chinese associated the crow with sun and fire. In one story earth had 10 suns each embodied by a crow. One day all 10 of the suns raised at once and began to scorch the earth . the gods sent their best archer houyi who shot down all except one.


A crow tattoo is a powerful symbol that shows you are in tuned with your intuitive powers. Putting a crow feather in your hair protects the wearer. It can also help when mourning or ushering in change.


Crystals for working with Crow Medicine 

  • Onyx
  • Obsidian
  • Quartz 
  • Herkimer diamond
  • Amethyst



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