Agni Manitite: The Pearl Of Divine Fire.

Agni Manitite: The  Pearl Of Divine Fire.
Agni Manitite
“Pearl Of Divine Fire”


Agni Manitite is an extremely rare tektite found mainly in Java, Indonesia. Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “Agni mani”, meaning “pearl of the divine fire”. These tektites were formed when pieces a meteorite crash landed over 800,000 years ago. When these pieces hit the earth it super-heated the surface, liquidizing it into magma, fusing with earth and shooting back up into the atmosphere. Where these pieces rained down from the sky super cooling on the way.


The color ranges from a dark charcoal grey-black to a smoky translucent color. Most if not all the pieces of Agni Manitite are now underwater. Authentic pieces of this tektite are incredibly hard to come by. Fake versions of this tektite are available in mass quantities, as it closely resembles raw obsidian.


This raises the question where can I find authentic crystals? The only true way to know is to visit the mines or pay to have the specimen tested at a lab which is not realistic for the average customer. Unfortunately, the only guidance I have to offer is that you find a real person that you can trust. It’s about the person behind the company. Is this person of good moral judgment? can I trust this person? If you don’t know who that person is or the answer to any of those questions is no than don’t shop there.


At Ragnar’s Rocks we are very personable, and I personally stand behind every product I sell. I have an open book policy here and at your request I can issue you a legal affidavit of authenticity signed by me the owner. I strive to do my best so that one day everyone can say In Ragnar we trust.

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