Agni Manitite Properties and Meaning.

Agni Manitite Properties and Meaning.

Agni manitite properties and meaning 


Fun fact: If you’re a fan of dragon ball z then you know about the dragon balls they are always chasing after , These balls are actually agni manitite.


The Pearl of Divine Fire activates the solar plexus chakra into hyper drive. The first effect you will notice is the overseeing ability of your energy levels. It also brings to your attention the unique attributes that make you, you. Learning new things and pushing you into a leadership role. Agni amplifies your manifestation skills, creative and adventurous energy.


We are all given the gift of consciousness, with Agni manitite you will gain the ability to choose your interests and goals while simultaneously being aware of your emotional energy. This gives you the ability to think at an amplified level.


On the journey to reaching a higher state of spirituality, agni manitite serves as a hack in the matrix code. It is exactly what you need to find your true path faster than ever before realized. Making your sole stand out amongst the crowd.


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